Take good care of your intense feelings with Peaceful Pause Feelings Friends.  This satisfying sensory experience will help kids learn to increase their awareness of the body sensations associated with uncomfortable feelings.  The Healing Heat pack, will offer a sensation of gentle warmth and comfort to ameliorate sad, anxious, stressed feelings.  Cool & Calm packs will lend a soothing chill to angry, frustrated children.  With greater awareness of body and mind, children will learn to regulate their emotions more effectively.  

Feelings Friends

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  • The "Healing Heat" pack is reusable and contains a non-toxic combination of sodium acetate crystals and water.  To activate the gentle warming action, flex the metal disc inside the pack.  Children may require some assistance from caregivers for the initial activation, but the metal disk will become more pliable for subsequent uses.  Once used, the pack will become cloudy and the activated crystals will begin to solidfy as the pack cools.  Adults should re-set the Healing Heat pack, by placing it in a pot of bowling water.  Turn the heat off or reduce to a simmer as you submerge the Healing Heat pack in hot water for approximately 5 minutes or until the liquid becomes transparent.  Remove the pack from the water and allow it to cool completely becfore attempting to flex the metal disc to re-activate the heating process.  *DO NOT PUT YOUR HEALING HEAT PACK IN THE MICROWAVE.

    Your non-toxic gel bead "Cool and Calm" pack is also reusable.  Place your cooling pack in the refrigerator or freezer.  Packs kept in the freezer will adopt a colder, yet stiffer presentation, while packs stored in the refrigerator will remain more flexible.  You decide what sensation you prefer.  Once th pack has returned to room temperature you can return to the fridge or freezer to prepare for future utilization.