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Promoting Healing With "Feelings Friends"

There are times when you might feel overwhelmed by unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings. Just like physical injuries, difficult feelings can be quite painful. Think about a time when you were sad or disappointed and your heart hurt. Sometimes stress and worry can bring a headache, stomachache, or tightness in your chest. Anger or frustration might leave you feeling like your body is hot and ready to explode. In moments like this, it’s important to pause and offer yourself a bit of comfort and healing. When you fall and injure your body, someone might lovingly offer you a heating pack or an ice pack. What if you could learn to nurture your hurt feelings in a similar way?

The next time you notice strong feelings that are difficult to handle, instead of avoiding them, or taking them out on someone else, try to imagine that they are a sign of an emotional injury that needs some tender, loving care. Often anger, frustration, or even jealousy, can leave you feeling tight and hot. If you were to notice your body clues, you might become aware of a racing heart, pumping blood throughout your body, making your cheeks hot and your skin sweaty. In these moments, you might need to cool down. Try grabbing your “Cool and Calm” sea turtle cold pack and place it on your forehead, cheeks, in your hands, or on your chest. Pick a spot that feels right to you. Shine your flashlight of attention on the sensation of the cold pack on your body. Slow your mind down and connect with your body. Take a magic calming breath, by slowly breathing in through your nose and then take a long, gentle exhale through your mouth. Imagine that you are healing that powerful feeling, taking care of it so that maybe it’s not quite so painful anymore. Continue to focus your attention on the sensation of the cold pack on your skin. You might like to move it around to another spot. Are you starting to cool off? Does your feeling change as your skin temperature changes? Check your body clues and see if you might need anything else. Do you need a drink of water, a reassuring hug, or maybe another magic calming breath? By taking good care of your feelings, you’re often able to make better, kinder, smarter decisions.

There may also be times when a worried, sad, disappointed, or lonely feeling washes over you. Maybe you feel cold and unsteady, with butterflies in your stomach, a headache, racing heart, rapid breathing, or shaky hands. At times like these, sometimes it can feel soothing to introduce a bit of healing warmth. Try grabbing your “Healing Heat” sea otter instant click hot pack and place it right on the part of your body that could use a warm, healing hug. You might like to let it rest on your sad heart, or cradle it in your shaky hands. Let go of any thoughts that may be triggering your powerful feelings and focus on the sensation of warmth against your body. Imagine that the warmth is healing and soothing your painful feelings. Take a magic calming breath and slowly let go of the pain. Just like bumps and bruises on your body, your feelings will heal. They just need some attention and care. Notice as your body sensations and feelings begin to change. Notice if there is anything else you might need to take good care of your feelings. Always remember that feelings will come and feelings will go; befriend all who visit!

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