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Light This World

Let’s begin with some mindful movement to help us access our inner star energy. With your toes facing forward, bring your feet wider than hips-width distance. Inhale and lift your arms up until they are parallel to the ground, reaching in opposite directions. Straighten your spine as the crown of your head lifts towards the sky. Exhale and release stress, fear, doubt, or judgment. As you inhale, imagine a brilliant light radiating from your heart center. In your mind, repeat this phrase, “I am made of stardust, born to light this world”. Let your body become expansive, stretching out in all directions. As you adopt this Five-Pointed Star Pose, allow yourself to feel strong and confident. Inhale and feel the light shining within you. As you exhale, imagine beams of light traveling out through your fingertips, releasing from your toes into the ground, and emanating from the crown of your head into the vast sky above. You are a being of light. Take another deep breath in, and as you exhale, fold forward and twist, bringing one hand towards the opposite foot in a Twisted Star Pose. Inhale, lift your body , straighten your spine and arms reach wide (5 Pointed Star). Exhale, and twist in the other direction. Inhale, lift back up. If your body enjoys the gentle twist, repeat on both sides.

When you are ready, exhale and lower your entire body to the ground, lying on your back with your arms gathering your knees into your chest. Inhale and imagine that you are a ball of light energy. As you exhale, allow your body to gently open up. If it feels comfortable, lie on your back with your arms and legs resting along the ground, palms open and feet flopping to the side in Corpse Pose. As always, if another meditation position would feel more comfortable, honor the wisdom of your body and do what feels right to you. You might prefer to sit with legs crossed or upright in a chair. Once you’ve settled, close your eyes or soften your gaze. Take a deep breath in and exhale with a sigh. Notice the beat of your heart and the feeling of your breath as the air goes in and out. Now imagine that there is a star hovering in the sky above you. This is the most beautiful star that you have ever seen. It could be any color that you find healing and peaceful. In your mind’s eye, picture that star shining brilliantly, just for you. Now imagine that your star is cascading down from the sky towards the crown of your head. As your star shoots towards you, you become filled with a sense of calm and confidence, for you know in your heart, that this star energy is meant just for you. Try to picture in your mind the stardust being absorbed through the top of your head. This beautiful light energy travels throughout your body. Notice what it feels like as the stardust trickles from the crown of your head, to your shoulders and chest, down through your arms and fingers, floating through your belly and legs, all the way to the tips of your toes. Inhale and feel yourself glowing. You are illuminated with the power of peace and love. Exhale and imagine that you can share that light with the universe. Take a few more deep breaths in and out and enjoy the experience of accessing your inner stardust.

When you feel ready, you can roll your body up to a seated position. With your eyes open or closed, you can begin to rapidly rub your hands together. Notice the sensations that arise between your palms as you continue to slide your hands back and forth. Maybe you notice warmth or a gentle tingling sensation. Can you feel your inner star energy? Pause and lightly cup your hands over your eyes. Bring your palms together and rub them once more. Pause and place your hands on your heart. Take a deep breath in and out, enjoying your inner glow. Inhale and open your arms wide and share your light with the world. Exhale and wrap your arms around your body, embracing yourself in a big hug. Inhale, and bring your palms back together, hands resting at your heart. Exhale, bow forward as the light and goodness within you, honors the light and goodness in all beings. Namaste.

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