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Guided Meditation: Comforting Connection

Find a comfortable spot to rest for a moment. You might like to lie down or sit criss-cross on the floor, or maybe even get cozy in a chair. You can close your eyes or lower your gaze towards the floor. Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhale slowly and release any stress, tension, or tightness. Notice the gentle rise of your belly and chest as you breathe in, and the soft wave of deflation as you breathe out. Find the stillness that exists between each inhale and each exhale. See if you can spot that brief pause when air is neither coming in nor going out. Your breath helps you connect with your inner peace. As you bring your attention to your breath, you can quiet your mind and find a sense of calm that rests in your heart. Inhale and feel the life energy that surrounds you. Feel yourself connected to all living things.

Imagine, in your mind’s eye, that you are visited by a pack of friendly and noble wolves. These majestic creatures have arrived to remind you that you are never alone. Imagine the softness and warmth of their fur as they nestle beside you. They have welcomed you into their pack and they offer you protection and unconditional love. Off in the distance, you can hear an owl calling. As you inhale deeply through your nose, you catch the scent of pine trees. These resilient trees grow up tall and proud, signs of life, present and thriving even during the darkest winter months. You gaze up at the sky and see billions of stars shimmering in the distance. You see the sliver of a crescent moon, shining brilliantly against a dark blue sky. In the vastness of this universe, your problems and worries suddenly feel quite small and manageable. You get the sense that everything will be OK. Surrounded by your pack of furry friends, you feel supported and nurtured.

As you rest peacefully beside your pack of wolves, imagine that your body is surrounded by the energy of the universe. This energy may appear as a healing glow of light or a cloud of color. As you breath in and out feel your body filled with warm, healing, loving energy. You are accepted and loved, just as you are. If ever you should feel shaky, worried, sad, alone, remember this feeling of connection and take comfort in the knowledge that you are part of a bigger whole. You and all the world are one. Enjoy a few more moments of stillness as you breathe with your pack.

When you’re ready, if you’re not already there, find your way into a comfortable seated position. With your eyes closed or with your gaze cast towards the floor,imagine that you are sitting peacefully with your wolf pack. You will use your voice to connect with the vibrations of the universe using the ancient mantra “Om.” “Om” is said to represent the sound of the universe, or the vibrations of all living things. The mantra “Om” can be broken down into three separate sounds, with the vibrations experienced in different parts your throat and mouth. Begin by uttering the sound “ah” and feeling vibration in the back of your throat. You can place your fingers lightly on the side of your neck and feel the vibration. Then move towards the “oh” in the middle of your mouth. You can touch the skin under your chin and feel the vibration. As you complete the chant with the “m” sound, you should feel your lips begin to tingle. Now try to put it all together, in a single breath. Take a deep inhale, and on your exhale, string together the “ah”, “oh”, “m.” Take a few breaths and see how it feels in your body as you chant to the sound of “Om”. If you happen to be practicing with a group of friends or your family, listen to the sound of your voices as they fold together. Experience the full vibration and connecting power of the “om” as you become one with the energy of the universe.

As you head to bed or move forward with the rest of your day, remind yourself that you are connected to the universe and you are never alone.

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